Deep Blue NRG Group: From energy monitors to radiator tubes


SEVEN gadgets that can cut your bills by hundreds of pounds

This small battery-operated device lets you see your power use around the home instantly and shows what appliances are costing you the most. The screen displays how much energy is being used at any one time.


Rather than directly saving you money it provides sobering information on current energy use – and encourages you to curb it.


Nigel Berman, 49, from Hove, East Sussex, says he has cut his energy bills by £200 a year after installing an Owl monitor. It has also encouraged him to invest in other energy-saving gadgets including radiator boosters and shower timers.


The former publisher, who runs a website selling eco products (, says: ‘If you leave lights on or boil the kettle it is instantly spotted with energy use spikes on the monitor – and it can also be used to track down unexpected expenses you can put a stop to.


‘For example, my toaster was eating electricity on standby even when not being used. It is great to take control of my energy bills knowing where the money goes –even it can’t stop the tariff hikes.’